A Personal Note from Debra

Let me summarize the way that I worked with clients.

I listen and hear the concerns of my clients.

I'm practical and direct and offer recommendations that can easily be implemented.

I devise treatment plans that are manageable, offering stepwise improvements.

I would like my clients to become more aware of their talents, beauty and powerful bodies.

I educate my clients to know which techniques to use in order to maintain balance through life transitions and stress.

I want my clients to be healthier and happier. I'll support them to get to a greater place of balance and well-being.


  • Individualized herbal formulas (Always uniquely designed to the specific needs and lifestyle of the client)
  • Teas (enjoyable medicinal sipping teas)
  • Herbal elixirs
  • Powdered herbal formulations
  • Chyavanprash (Herbal medicinal jam)
  • Ghee preparations
  • Personalized nutrition (Including specific dietary recommendations, recipes and even antidotes so that you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods and beverages)
  • Flower essence formulations to support mind and emotions
  • Wellness and lifestyle coaching to help you stay on a healing path
  • Personally-designed medicinal aromatherapy formulations
  • Relaxation and meditation instruction (beginners and advanced)
  • Stress management
  • Counseling utilizing ayurvedic psychology
  • Constitutional guidance
  • Massage oil formulations for body, mind and spirit
  • Five sense therapies for the mind and emotions
  • Referrals for specific bodywork and yoga therapy

Debra emphasizes the process of self-healing, utilizing rejuvenation and detoxification methods appropriate for the individual client's needs. Everyone can benefit from the principles and applications of Debra's techniques. They are useful for healthy clients who are searching for practical nutritional advice as well as a greater self-understanding. Because Debra addresses the cause and root of disease at a deep level, this work is particularly useful for those with chronic conditions that are not relieved by allopathic medicine. Because of Debra's experience in the medical field, she also works with clients on medications and medical protocols.

Debra is great. She is loyal, smart and an expert in her field. I have enjoyed her professional support and friendship over the years.

—Miriam Jacobs
Certified Massage Therapist and
Registered Polarity Practitioner